Leavenworth Mosquito District

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History of the Leavenworth Mosquito Control District

Prior to the formation of the Leavenworth Mosquito Control District the Lions Club of Leavenworth had undertaken the raising of funds for the aerial spraying of mosquitoes in the Leavenworth area.  This spraying typically occurred shortly before the Fourth of July.  However, in the late 90's this practice began to be challenged. Spraying was suspended in 2000 and 2001. Mosquito numbers in 2002 were high enough that the City of Leavenworth combined with the Chamber of Commerce took responsibility for a final aerial spray prior to the formation of the Leavenworth Mosquito Control District funded by the Lions Club.  Meanwhile, Lions Club members began the process of preparing for the Mosquito Control District to be put to the voters and proposed funding through taxes.

In the Fall of 2002 voters overwhelmingly approved the formation of a Mosquito Control District and its funding.  The Lions Club generously donated approx. $20,000 of funds previously collected for mosquito control, along with a small loan obtained in later 2003 for financing that initial season of operation. 

After the District formation was approved by the voters, the Chelan County Board of Commissioners accepted applications for the initial Mosquito Control Board and appointed 4 board members: President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Board Member 1. Board Member 2 was appointed by the City of Leavenworth.

The Board began meeting in early 2003, where it soon became apparent that District activities should also include larviciding. Manager Lorna Johnson with Curlew Mosquito Control District was especially helpful in providing instruction and materials for the new District. The position of Manager was advertised and started in earnest in May of 2003.

2004 through 2006 taxes were assessed based on property value.  In 2006 it was determined that continuing such an assessment would require an annual levy approval and therefore moved to taxation on a per parcel basis.

The Leavenworth Mosquito Control Board meets monthly, March-November. People interested in serving as Board Members or joining Board meetings can find additional detail on the “Activity Calendar” page.