Leavenworth Mosquito District

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Leavenworth Mosquito Control District service area (expandable view)

Leavenworth Mosquito Control District service area

District Map

*Seasonal treatment is performed only if/when larva is found.
*For additional detail of chemicals and procedures used, please see "Manager's Report" page 
*Larvicided areas are listed below


Storm Drains in City and East of City
West Benton Pond
Icicle and SR 2 Ditch
DOT Concrete Tanks
Alpine Heights Wetland
Pine St Ditches and Wetland
Wheeler Ditch
Wheeler - Ranger Wetland
Honeysett's Ponds
Guthrie's Pond
Ranger Rd Ditch
Johnson's Pond
Ski Hill Ditch
Ski Hill East Pond
Ski Hill Far East Small Pond
End of Village View and South Holding Pond
Storm Drains 12315 Village View
Ditch 10315 Village View
Old Hot Tub at Ski Hill and Village View
Ski Hill Reservoir below Water Tower
Ditch 10883 Titus
Tiny Pond 10735 Titus
Ski View Ditch and Tires
Titus Place Holding Pond
Detillion Ditch and Ditch South of Irrigation Pump
Tiny Pond 12145 Emig
Water Feature 12295 Emig
Autumn Pond
Club West Wetland and Ditch and underneath home just South of Club West
Storm Drains for Ski View Condos and Share Housing
Titus Rd Ditch
Chumstick Hwy West Ditch
Chumstick Hwy East Ditch and Wetland
Puddle just South of Parking between High School and Middle School


Storm Drains 

First Street Small Pond

Trend West Pond

Seasonal Pond South of Ballfields

Fish Rearing Channel and Highwater Side Channel
Kid's Fishing Pond
315 E Commercial Fountain

Blackbird Island Highwater Wetlands

Waterfront Park Highwater Wetlands

Wenatchee River Puddles
Audubon Center Backyard Ornamental Pool



9704 EL Truck Tires      
9700 EL Puddles by River
9752 EL Storm Drain

Cistern on Hillside and Seeps Nearby

9630 EL Wetland

9557 EL Catch Basin

9558 EL Highwater Wetland
Pond Southwest of Boat Launch
9546 EL Highwater Wetland
9334 EL Seasonal Pond and Catch Basins

9481 EL Ornamental Pond

Wenatchee River Cutoff

Cutoff Wetlands

Low Northern Island Opposite Golf Course

Run of the River Ponds and Catch Basin on Way in
Ludwig's Ditch West of EL Road
9260 EL Ornamental Pond

Ditch East of EL Road (leading to Ludwig's Ditch) 


9000 EL Waterwheel Pond
Highwater Wetlands West of Joyful Place
8925 EL Seasonal Wetland
8901 EL Ornamental Pool
Henderson's seeps
Fromm's Wetland Field
Fromm's Highwater Wetlands
Fromm's MM2 Ditch and Snowmelt pond
Icicle River MM2 Wetland
Lower Dempsey Seasonal Pond
Upper Dempsey Ditches
Templin's Irrigation Pond, Ditches and Wet Field
8280 EL Icicle Creek Penisula Highwater Wetlands
8132 EL Highwater Pond
8079 Old Bridge Rd Seasonal Pond
7848 Old Bridge Rd Highwater Wetland
Icicle River Puddles
County Gravel Pit Wetland

Sleeping Lady Ponds, Catch Basins, Horse Troughs 
Cemetery Road: Cuttings, Tires, Old Pool
Prowell Perched Water Table Wetland
Kramer's Ornamental Pool
8290 Icicle Rd Fish Pond
12491 Shore St Highwater Wetland
12386 Shore St Wetlands and Horse Troughs
Two Rivers' Farm Highwater Wetlands and Ponds
Southwest Island by Golf Course
12664 Wilson St Wetland by River
7854 Icicle Road horse troughs
8420 Icicle Rd Near Empty Swimming Pool
8560 Icicle Rd Former Hot Tub Goldfish Pond and Swimming Pool and Tires to South
8785 Icicle Rd seeps by river 
Golf Course Hole #1 Pond and Puddles by River


2017: We larvicided twice by helicopter using the same Bti (Vectobac GS) granules that we use by hand.  This larviciding occurred east of East Leavenworth Road due to the difficulty of access to the area due to brush and continued deep water.  The helicopter landed in Fromm's field to load with the granules which we provided.  Up to 20 acres will be treated. North Wind Aviation treated the area April 10, 2017 when J R Helicopters was unavailable.  J R Helicopters treated the same area May 2, 2017. 

The area treated aerially with Bti was chiefly a snowmelt area and followed an arc about 3/4 mile long against the hillside from just south of 9249 E. Leavenworth Road at the north end to just north of the conifers north of 8701 East Leavenworth Road at the south end (all east of the main road).  At the north end it funneled into a drainage ditch crossing the road.